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About Nona and her music

​Born in Kobe and raised in Tokyo until 12. She started playing piano from 4 years old.Then moved to NY ,entered Edgemont High School in Scarsdale.She won the Westchester Piano Concerto Contest as a youngest winner.She also got the recommendation for entering Julliard Pre College.After graduating Tamagawa University,she became as a FM radio pernonality.Besides her DJ and CM&TV Narration works, she started to release albums including her debut album"Cool Noon" in 1998.In 2002,she released an album called "Pour La Vie" in a name of "Fuchsia" a project with Motohiro Kawashima from Columbia Label.In 2005,with a  an artist called Sine qua non, they made an album called "Bacharach Mania"by King Records.

In 2006,Nona's version of SADE's "The Sweetest Taboo" was issued in Italian Lounge Label"IRMA"'s compilation album,"SEX AND THE CITY".

​From 2014,she began to release her music from iTunes including her original songs written and sung in English called "Horizon","1000winds","Heart of Radio",and the Natalie Cole's cover version of "La Costa".


​Nona's narration works


J-WAVE"Morning Delivery","Weekend Splash","Catfish"

Tokyo-FM"Kiss Therapy","Kewpie Heart of  Sunday"

    Nack 5 "Miss Broadcast"

​TV Narration


TV Asahi"Future Tracks","1984"

NTV"NNN Document"

TBS"2PM PITA!","Kaimono-LABO"

​FUJI-TV"Tomatralvel","Mr Sunday"

CM Narration​

KOSE "Esprique" series, SC Johnson "Glade"series,CHAUMET,CHANELLE,SHISEIDO,



​Alfa Romeo"Stelvio"


​Nona's favorites

​Reading mystery books

Favorite authors are Val McCdermid, Michael Conelly,Camilla Lackberg Erickson,Andreas Gruber,Ruth Rendell,Pierre Lemaitre 

Watching Films​

​Alfred Hitchcock" "Vertigo","Rope","Frenzy",

Yasujiro Ozu"Floating Weeds","Good Morning","The end of Summer",Lee Toland Kreiger"The age of Adaline",

Tom Ford"Nocturnal Animals"

​Robert Wise"The Sound of Music"


Contact Me 

Aoni Production


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